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"Free Calendar for Printer Print-out"
Please always remember to "Refresh" or you will get last months calendar.
Set your printer for Economy if you want to save ink. You will find that under "Properties"; then click "Advanced" then scroll to "Economy"; then click "Apply"; then click "OK" (your printer should reset itself after you turn off "puter; re-check it anyway). Your calendar will be faded, yet still useful. If you are going to give the calendar as a greeting card you certatinly willNOT want to use "Economy".
Set your printer for page one of one or you will get all the stuff at the bottom of the page.

Due to the sad fact i have been late with the calendar, i have decided to keep one month ahead. Now if when you come here on the first of the month and the old calendar is still here you may go to: THE FOLLOWING MONTH'S CALENDAR