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In days of yore, in every Country, there were sweet and special, gentle ways for lovely, young ladies and strong, young men to meet for purposes of marriage, children and a happy home.

Now things are modern, and harassment; plus no one has made "modern" arrangements for the youth to "get together"; so we have here the "Calling Card". I always say "If you cannot beat them join them". Corporate Society gets into your wallet via a "Business Card"; so now it is our turn to turn the tables, and get together for purposes of getting together.

Where you are out dancing, you see a gentleman or lady that you like and want to meet; you politely walk up to said person; say just a few, caring words, such as: "Hello, please accept my "Calling Card", as i would love to meet so lovely a person as yourself; give him/her your "Calling Card"; then simply walk away (the "Calling Card" itself is a conversation piece, and bound to get his/her attention). Another way (for the gentleman of means (a single guy with a job)) is to tip the waiter/waitress to present the "Calling Card" with a pre-paid cocktail, dessert or etc. of desirable's choice.

Here are a couple examples of your "Calling Cards":

For the more serious, and under different circumstances:

sorry 'bout scribbling my name on these cards, however when you get yours, my name willnot be on them. I just do this name scribbling because of the cyber-pirates.

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