Of what do we think when we hear the word, Easter?

We think first of our happy childhood at Easter time with the woven, brightly-colored, Easter baskets of jelly beans; brilliantly colored, hard-boiled eggs; chocolate bunny; the large, cream-filled, decorated, chocolate-covered egg (to be sliced with a knife), under which were hidden the dollars; the sugar-coated, yellow-colored, marshmallow peeps; pretty-colored, delicate-aluminum-wrapped chocolates of egg, bunny, peep and cross shapes, all on a thick bed of green, fluffy, cellophane straw.

We think of the fragrance of those fresh, new, Easter outfits of clothing, and the shiny-new, black, patent leather shoes, with the one, thin strap across the top of the arch, and its tiny buckle; worn with pure, white anklets, with the dainty embroidery on the little cuff, for the little girls, and brown, leather shoes, with the shiny, thick, flat heals and new, stiff, shoe laces, for the little boys.

Finally is that big, pink ham tortured with numerous tooth picks holding the pineapple rings and marachino cherries in place; the baked yams sliced down the middle and slathered with pure butter, and Springs first, tender asparagus. In a fancy dish were the Spring radishes and skellions. No appetizer; the hard boiled eggs took care of that. No desert we would hit the Easter baskets for that . . . a good day for mother . . .

Then sadly sobbing, with tears in our eyes and heart, we have those other thoughts:
Our Saviour, whom we affectionately call, Jesus, the vessel who brought our God's blood here to His Earth to be spilled, the son of our God and man; brutally beaten; spit upon; tortured within every degree of the mind of inhuman kind; nailed, horribly, to a cross, to hang there in an agony, unknown to anyone, to die the worse possible death for us.

Just as April Showers bring May flowers, our thoughts turn to the fruit of the vine our sweet Jesus has given to us, the Salvation.

Easter is a celebration that makes us think of all new things, fresh and cleansed, innocent, born and reborn; especially our souls, bought with the blood of our own God.

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