Obviously you are swiriling around in a dark, little world all of your own making. You remind me of the person standing outside of a house on fire watching it burn that asked, "what color are the people inside there". I am not a spammer, however you are a slanderous, lying, cheap, little, name caller; and the proof of my statement is your above post (your post of lying accusations has been included here) where you lied that i posted frivolously between 30 and 40 cross-posts on this very serios matter, of severe bombings, that could very well ruin a persons computer (that, liar, includes yours). If i had caringly cross-posted that amount it wouldnot have been enough if infact Tripod is bombing computers.
Your stupid suggestion (which makes we wonder what kind of hate-filled person(coupled with all your other crap, you must be)), to notify Tripod, has already been done a long time ago, and, of course, they didnot respond. At that time the problem wasnot so serious, now the problem has escalated into bombings (AND THAT IS SERIOUS!!!). Any person involved in HTML must be made aware of the seriousness of a public html editor going or gone bad, and should be able to protect himself or give suggestions of what the problem may possibly be. In other words: has anyone else had such a problem, and how did they solve their problem. I donot know whether the problem is mine or Tripod. I have run a thorough diagnostic of my HP CD-RW, and it is fine; so what could the problem be . . .
Not all segments of my post, which i urgently cross-posted in about ONE DOZEN, other groups donot concern all groups. The post is a three-part post of urgency intended for any caring or knowledgeable person in the various-types of groups. This is a very-serious problem for me, and i am in search of suggestions, help, answers or anything else i can get in the form of honest, cyber-thought process on the problem, but what do i get? - God forbid i get you instead. I am searching for real-time people that are capable of communicating in a civilized manner, not a thick-skulled, lunch-money- stealing bully. Do me a favour, troublemaker: go kill yourself. If your harrassment of me, which is intended to prevent my posting in proper groups, for help involving a serious manner, causes my computer to break, you WILL, hear from my attorney. To replace my computer will cost you about $4,000.00, plus with the $100,000,000.00 punitive damge resulting out of it all, including the denial of my Constitutional rights by your oppression, intimdation and persecution; that is a lot of cash, and if you think that isnot enough money to cause an attorney to get involved, guess again.
Your trick is to incite, thereby, insnare me in a thread of off-topic discussion, which will inevitably make you the winner by silencing the lambs, and you have nearly been successful. As a result, i am going to wear this post as a banner in the form of a url to which i will constantly refer you. WATCH OUT, folks, these hoods are baiters and the masters of it. These master baiters lurk in all the html and homepage-maker, help groups. They are racially motivated and anti-religion (in other words they are all alike (when you have seen one you have seen them all (they speak with one, forked tounge, and it is "hate" and destruction, there is no beauty in their souls))). They have a little knowledge about a little something, and use it to puff-up themselves in your innocent, newbie eyes to make you believe they are the God of HTML/homepage building in order to get you to worship them in fear; then after they get your confdence, they turn right around and bite you by selling you their bill-of-goods, that could be anything from sodomy to child-porn to wares and on. Beware, beware, oh sweet children of God, of the internet, beware, beware.
http://lillyrouge.tripod.com/dale.html On Tue, 20 Feb 2001 19:07:09 -0500, "Paminifarm CyberArt" wrote: >http://lillyrouge.tripod.com/dale.html > <30 or 40 cross-posted groups cut from f'ups....) And the HTML part of your question is...? ---- jerry -- "Jerry Muelver" wrote in message news:tvc79t096cl42lcs2cs2ablf1vjmgjbctl@4ax.com... > On Tue, 20 Feb 2001 21:40:10 -0500, "Paminifarm CyberArt" > wrote: > > > >"Jerry Muelver" wrote in message > >news:ir369t0ag53d85knoftqobjgcsovs4b7a6@4ax.com... > >> On Tue, 20 Feb 2001 19:07:09 -0500, > >> <30 or 40 cross-posted groups cut from f'ups....) > >> > >> And the HTML part of your question is...? > >>
> >Could it be my html. . . ? > > > > No. Not by itself. The only pure HTMl I have ever seen that > could crash anything was Netscape 2's inglorious lockup and > crash when presented with a page that used the same graphic > for tiled background and a link on the page. > > If you have problems with Tripod, the Tripod would be place > to ask for solutions. Spamming the usenet won't help. > > ---- jerry > --