Welcome To Tripod Bombed Me
As soon as i get a chance i will give you the details; until then please always remember to "Refresh"

This means i can no longer add anything to it. It is no longer RW; plus now that 'puter remapped it, i no longer get this pop-up.

This means that after the remapping it is now ok to use as Readable only.

This shows that the "pie" is now missing on all CD disks

Here is the post i posted throughout the internet; trying to get help, before i worked out what it was by myself:

I think Tripod editor bomb me at the "select which editor style you want"; so i did some things after 'puter rebooted; and tried again; then Tripod bombed me at the upload page (where you click into your image from your dirive (my drive is my CD-RW)).

After 'puter rebooted i went back and everything at the Tripod editor was ok; but very quick in some places and slow in others.

I then did a McAfee to see if i had picked up a virus on the CD-RW drive (in the background the CD-RW driver kept sending messages of the drive was blah blah (not working right) ); then it bombed me, while i tried to "stop" McAfee at 483 files, because McAfee was just spinning its wheels, and going no where.

After the reboot i checked the CD-RW driver, and it was/is working fine within the confines of 'puter. If it were the drive it would malfunction all the time, not only within Tripod editor.

What do you suppose would have happened if i had saved my images on my hard drive?

I tried to do a "disk Cleanup or even a Scandisk or Disk Defragmenter on the CD-RW drive, however there is nothing listed for that drive (listed is the C drive and A drive, but no E drive and in one case not even a D drive); so how do i do the Disk Cleanup and Scandisk and Defrag. on these other drives?

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